Guest Speakers

“Metallics For Textiles” July 2018

Workshop with Jo Mabbutt

We had a very busy and productive day with Jo demonstrating how to apply various metallics to a range of surfaces. Thank goodness that she supplied us with detailed notes of the huge variety of adhesives, size, metal leaf and gilding applied to different textures including paper, fabric, Lutradur and Tyvek.

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July 2018 with Joan Kendall

“The Four Season Tapestries”

Joan Kendall is the textile consultant at Hatfield House. She delivered a very interesting presentation of the conservation of the four season tapestries Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter that have taken 38 years to repair. She talked through the intricate design of each tapestry and picked out a selection of the meticulous repairs that have been made in such a procedure that they could be unpicked at a later date.


May 2018 with Christine Chester

“Creative use of photography in textiles”

Christine gave us a brief history of the development of photography entwining her own story growing up with her mother’s photos of her father, a fisherman. It was at the age of 11 years when Christine was given her first camera to enter a competition that her enthusiasm for photography began. From there she created her own style by incorporating various techniques, textiles and processes into her quilts. Her work is a powerful reflection of her family memories. You need to see and touch the quilts to appreciate their true quality and expertise.

Thank you Christine for sharing your story with us.


April 2018 with Valerie Nesbitt from Just Hands on TV

Valerie shared her beautiful quilts with us to talk through her story “From Hexagons to TV”. At each stage she introduced her new techniques, skills and textiles from her very first hand made quilt to the most recent top that she produced with her class in 40 minutes!.  Here are just a few of her quilts.

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Meeting Feb 2018

What a joy it was to have Kay and Michael with us to show their stunning stumpwork. Their craft is jaw dropping. So exciting and intricate.

Meeting Jan 2018

Today we welcomed back Linda McCann, who talked us through her treasure trove of antique sewing items including threads, fastenings and tools. We were amazed at their current value!

Anna from Spinspired Kantha hand embroidery   

Nov 2017 Workshop

Here is a selection of our Kantha projects in process. More photos when they are finished!  We look forward to meeting Anna again next year.

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Linda McCann- ‘Dressed to Impress the Audience’ For the broad minded!!

Meeting Nov 2017

Linda has impressive experience as a Wardrobe Mistress for several theatres. She brought a sample of garments to demonstrate the complexities with colour, fabric, sizing and accuracy of design for various productions. Linda entertained us with some backstage secrets too!

We look forward to meeting with Linda again in the New Year.


Sonia Tuttiett- East London Textiles Art   October 2017

Sonia displayed samples of work from this group that meet in Newham.  Not only do they create beautiful embroidery but some are photographed to produce fabric and books!

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Lynne Pretty – “My Quilting Journey” September 2017

Lynne, a member of “Out of the Fold” group, shared her beautiful quilts with us.

Indian Inspiration – Jennifer Hughes  May 2017

Jennifer brought along breathtaking samples from her collection of Indian textiles and embroidery to highlight her talk. Here are just a few pieces!

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Art,Architecture and Stitch – Wendy Dolan April 2017

Wendy took our breath away with her samples and presentation of her work. Her massive drapes are something to behold. She shares her techniques in her book too.

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Gilding The Lace – Jo Mabbutt March 2017

A very enjoyable and inspirational talk by Jo. We look forward to her workshop later in the year!

See more of Jo’s work here.