Our ‘Lock Down’ Creations

We would like to share some of the creations that have kept our members busy during the Covid-19 lock down. It has been very difficult to adjust to this regime where we do not meet with friends, stay at home and can only shop for our craft supplies online! However, crafters are always resourceful and usually have a stash or a queue of UFOs (unfinished objects) to temp their appetite.


I hope all you lovely ladies are staying well and safe from COVID! I have been working from home during the lockdown and not commuting so I have used what would have been morning travel time for a daily yoga practice and with more than usual free time available have also made an attempt (one of many over the years) at tidying my art space; nice to be organised but always seems like a bit of a mistake when something required has been repositioned and then a search begins for that forgotten place! However, I would like to share with you some of the things I have been up to in my art room.

First of all I finished my “lampshade” started at Anna’s last workshop. I intentionally mounted the frame upside down so that a battery operated tea light could sit inside:

I then investigated my UFO box and have made a cushion from a sample piece made at the first Sue Rangeley residential weekend my sister Tracy and I joined about ten years ago! I am delighted to see that Carol has Sue on our 2021 programme.

I have recently become absorbed by working with paper rather than fabric and among other things have been getting a box of greetings cards together. I thought it would be nice to have a card sale at the next possible physical branch meeting with all proceeds going to the branch. Here is a sample:

Some card designs are prints I have made from leaves in my garden. These are printed on heavy cartridge paper using ferrous sulphate as a mordant, paper rectangles clamped tight and steamed in a dedicated non-food use steamer for between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the leaves (this is trial and error). I have found geranium, rose and Acer leaves work well and some of the results are shown below:

I find the repetitive nature of stitching the stems using back stitch soothing and calming.

Some of the leaf print samples are mounted in a book which I will also bring to the next physical meeting.

I made “a little book to leaf through” from an A3 sheet of heavy cartridge paper. Fun and easy to do and a personalised one can make a nice little gift as I did for my granddaughter’s lockdown birthday back in April when life seemed so strange but I notice how soon we have all become used to the new normal.

I look forward to seeing you on the next Zoom meeting that Dora has so expertly organised and hosted and, of course, returning to a physical EG meeting when it is safe to have one.

With best wishes to you all to stay well and safe.


Lori  wanted to share a doll that she has finished.  This is based on a design from a workshop with Libby Smith.

Joy. Having cleaned some cupboards, and even the oven! I pulled out a UFO from the stash and decided to finish it.  I had put it away in favour of something else, but I have no idea what or why!  I took a snap of it, then when finished I took another photo.  So the work kept me busy for quite a while and when it was finished, I felt at a bit of a loose end.  My husband cured me of that by buying me another Rajmahal kit for my birthday, so I will match the colours to make a pair to put on each side of the bed.  Yes – I have to admit to using kits, which is a big “no-no” to some embroiderers, but I don’t mind.  So now I am off on another project.


Carol.  I’ve been hand embroidering this panel that I purchased from Stacey Chapman in January. It is nearly finished.

Here are the first 4 stages of my tiger design that will become a cushion to sell.

Julia.  I have been in contact with former fashion students many of whom have had their studies paused or have been furloughed from work and they have also been sewing scrubs like you and I.  I can only sew 5 sets of scrubs per week as I am working full time, so I sew in the evenings and on the weekends.

During any other spare time I have made a dress I cut out for myself, “finished” a Libby Smith fertility doll, started a quilt for a single bed and I have lots of other projects hanging around to finish … we are not going away for half term now so I will be getting on with these projects next week … I love working in my garden studio, especially in this lovely weather.

It has been a challenge trying to teach a practical subject remotely, I can tell you!  Our second years have finished their studies early, so I will only have my first years for the rest of the term.

Dora. I started with an apron that I block printed.The inspiration for this came from a meeting with Bev Caleno last September. I then embellished some of the printing with free motion embroidery. Then a book cover, a bonnet for a virtual Easter Bonnet Parade, needlelace leaves that I started with Kay Dennis at our residential last year and finally the completion of two kits that I bought at recent craft fairs. Still working on the robin for the stumpwork!  Needless to say that I didn’t get much housework done.