Current Group Projects

Logo Competition September 2021

Travelling books in the September meeting.

Travelling books in the July meeting.

An update on our travelling books in June.

Travelling books in April

A new round of Travelling Books has started.



Second part of our map underway for the Creative Craft Show this April!

Preparation for the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts show at Excel in April

We are producing a large map for this show. I will not spoil the surprise but here are a couple of clues! A huge thank you to Linsey for organising us and preparing all the materials.


Many of our members are preparing their competition pieces for our own Chairman’s Cup on July 8th entitled A Hint Of Silver  and the regional competition Blowing in the Wind on July 15th. More details here.



Celebrating 300 years of CAPABILITY BROWN 


  to be held at Hedingham Castle

4th April to 30th October 2016.


Further information about this project can be found HERE




Dallas is leading this branch project with A5 books.   We made a start at the January workshop.

We have formed into groups of five (by lucky dip). Each person chooses a theme of work. A member starts a book and decorates a page according to her theme. She then brings it to the next branch meeting, and passes the book to the next person in her group. Then that person decorates the next page in the book that she has been given, and passes it on again at the following meeting.

At the end of the project the books will have “travelled” around the group.  Each person will have a beautiful book, decorated by five members, to keep.


Theme: Grow your Own