Meet The Committee




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Thank you to Helen for the beautiful handmade lace!

Comments from the committee members:

Dallas     “The exchange between Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat broadly says If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. I adopt a similar approach to my stitching. I like nothing better than to pick up fabric, scissors, needle and thread and go on a journey. I tend to work with small pieces and if I start a large project it will invariably end up reduced to smaller pieces which if find are perfect for embellishing greetings cards, boxes and bags. The colours I like to work with best are the reds, browns and oranges at the warm end of the spectrum rather than the cooler blues and greens. My work tends to have an abstract quality with inspiration coming from nature (particularly leaves and most especially in their warm autumn shades) and artists such as the symbolist Gustav Klimt and the pointillist Georges Seurat. I love embroidery books and magazines with the pages full of accomplished embroiderers to be inspired by. If like to learn and share embroidery techniques and projects with other enthusiastic like-minded individuals and find Romford Embroiderers is the perfect place to do this.”

Carol    “Sewing for pleasure (and work) for more than half a Century!,  I have tutored Jewellery making at Fairkytes Arts Centre for 13 Years, and also a Sewing Bee since 2015.  My ‘Best Job Ever ‘was a week at British museum delivering a bead loom weaving “drop in workshop”  in the main court for their Native American event”

Joy   “I joined the EG around fifteen years ago and have made many wonderful friends in the branch.  I knew very little about embroidery, indeed nothing further than making the inevitable tray cloth as a child.  Whatever happened to all those tray cloths that we made?  There was never a more useless household article.  My career was in admin and HR, I have tried to bring the skills learned from there to my various jobs on the committee.  Although I fully support all the new techniques and methods in embroidery, my passion is that we should keep the old skills alive.”

Jill      “I have been a member of the Romford group for 25 years (recently getting my badge to prove it) and have enjoyed many interesting meetings and met some lovely people. I have done a few jobs over the years but am currently manning the admission door. Hope to see you there”,

Dora    “I first met  Romford Embroiderers at their stand in a craft show at Excel four years ago. Since then I have participated in workshops, group projects, residential weekends and have learnt so much about new fabrics and techniques.  Thank you to all my new friends who inspire and encourage me in my hobby.”