Visitors or Membership

Welcome to the Romford Embroiderers

We hope that you will enjoy your visit.

There will be a talk or some other activity, and you are invited to join in.  Refreshments will be provided during the afternoon and you may visit our sales table.

Our group is very lively, and you will see and hear many things going on around the room.  If you are not sure of anything please ask, we are always happy to advise and assist.

Membership subscription is £45, paid annually, renewable at the September meeting.

A visitor may attend a total of 3 meetings over a 2 year period (at £5 each) as a taster, after which you will be required to join Romford Embroiderers in oredr to attend further meetings.

The benefits of membership include priority workshop participation, use of our branch library, access to our branch shop, competition entry, and participation in exhibitions and group projects.

For further information call our Chairman Dora on 07984439019